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Dr Stephanie Lamour

Stephanie is a walking testimony of what it means to go from Victim to Victor. During her adolescent years Stephanie spent most of her time questioning her existence. As a youth she suffered from bulimia, severe bullying, trauma, being a self cutter and attempted to take her life twice. As a young woman who lacked self-love, Stephanie went through an abusive relationship that changed her life forever. After walking away from a toxic pass Stephanie was led to go on a self discovery journey. Despite Stephanie's rough start, her faith, as well as the people who stood in the GAP with her, lead her to go from victim to victor. Stephanie graduated with her Doctrines in Ministry and her Masters in Christian Life Coaching. Stephanie was led to start GAP Coaching Now, to work alongside coaches who are called to coach individuals who God leads to stand in the GAP with. Stephanie is a mother of four beautiful children and married to her spiritual mate. Together, her and her husband serve the youth and do the work of transformation. Stephanie inspires to transform the lives of women all around the world to help them walk in their purpose and live a full life. She trust in the work that God does through her and gives Him all the glory.

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